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Hungry for change: On Saturday, May 7, 2024, Goans from across the state came to their respective polling stations to cast their votes in the Lok Sabha elections.

Hungry for change: On Saturday, May 7, 2024, Goans from across the state came to their respective polling stations to cast their votes in the Lok Sabha elections. gomanda times

If doing your duty as a responsible citizen and voting is not motivation in itself, then this year, the Election Commission of India (ECI) has made arrangements to make the voting process as seamless and convenient as possible.

As hot summer temperatures soar to 36 degrees Celsius, polling stations are equipped with air conditioners and refreshments such as 7 Up as of today, May 7, 2024 Nimbuz, Massa As well as water bottles and drinking fountains.

In addition, basic medical facilities are provided to deal with unfortunate medical emergencies.

Self-Service: While refreshments are available at the venue, not everyone will have access to drinks.

While this thoughtful move was welcomed by many quarters, voters saw it differently.

Charles Rodriguez (not his real name) from Vasco became upset after receiving a bottle of wine Nimbuz He drank a cold drink as he exited after voting.

“I went there around 9.30am and luckily there wasn’t a long queue at the stall. After voting, I noticed there was a bucket of refreshments,” he explained.

“My first thought was how much waste people create after drinking beverages,” he said of his concerns.

He added: “Some people even took away two bottles after voting, a situation that could only be avoided by making other arrangements, such as keeping a water container that only those who were truly thirsty could drink from.”

While many people did enjoy refreshments, others reported that none were provided. Unfortunately, one constituent from Vasco was unable to quench his thirst with sugary drinks.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, he said: “When I went to vote around 10 a.m., I didn’t see any juice. Later, I saw people walking out of the polling station with juice bottles, and that’s when I realized I hadn’t got the juice bottle.

However, not drinking water doesn’t make much difference, he said: “While this is a good idea, especially when the heat is unbearable, drinking sugary drinks will only make people thirstier. In my opinion, if you have a choice If so, I would choose boiled water to cool down.

Well stocked: The refreshment list includes water, 7 Up Nimbooz and Maaza.

Another voter from Mapusa said no refreshments were offered, while Alina Fernandez (not her real name) from Divar said: “When I went to vote, they didn’t offer any refreshments but I did see one. Pack of Limca bottles for 20 rupees in the corner I guess they will unpack later in the day.

Drink or not, if there’s one thing people go home with, it’s the indelible mark of ink on their left index finger, a desire for change, and the hope that their votes will help bring about the change India desperately needs.

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