E-ink ghosting could leak your passwords to people peeking at you


  • Keep an eye out for shoulder surfers when entering passwords on your e-reader.
  • Passwords may stay on the e-ink screen due to the low refresh rate, which is common on these devices.
  • There’s no workaround yet, so you’ll need to be more aware of your surroundings if you’re entering important passwords on your e-reader.

While you can do almost anything you need to do on your smartphone or tablet, sometimes having a dedicated device for a specific purpose does have its advantages. For those who love to read, e-book readers can be a game-changer, offering weeks of battery life, a paper-based reading experience, and more.


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While these devices will result in reduced battery life compared to tablets or phones, achieving such great battery life comes with significant drawbacks, such as less-than-ideal refresh rates, ghosting, and screen artifacts. But there seems to be something new to be aware of when using an e-reader, and that’s that someone glancing over your shoulder might spot your password as you type it in.

You may need to look back when entering your password

user @kizuki_jpn Share their thoughts on the hot new seller Kobo Libra Color on X (formerly Twitter) to discuss the improved display and minimized ghosting effects. However, what they discovered next came as a surprise as they shared an image of a password entry screen with letters and numbers clearly visible.

Of course, this is a result of low e-reader refresh rates, and while @kizuki_jpn discovered this on one of the newest readers you can buy, it can also happen on older or monochrome models.In fact, users also confirmed this behavior They themselves also use monochromatic models. While this may be concerning, when the screen refreshes, the problem disappears.

If you’re worried about this, you might just want to be careful when typing your password. Personally if you are looking for an ebook reader I wouldn’t let issues like this stop you from buying an ebook reader because in most cases you are just reading a book so it’s a minor thing to worry about, Do not enter passwords for important services.

It’s a good thing to realize this. But let us hear your opinion. Are you worried about this issue? Or is this just something you need to deal with when using an e-reader? Let us know in the comments below.

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