Broadcasting Thoughts from Across the Pond

(Bath Knight) It’s always interesting to go to another country and experience media consumption as a consumer rather than a consultant. What follows is usually an observation or two worth sharing in the hope of stimulating or advancing some of your current thinking.

Here are some thoughts on broadcasting during my travels around the UK – specifically London and Scotland:

#1 – Radio is still geared towards the mass market. We’ve seen this colorful out-of-home marketing campaign from this radio station many times. It appears on large advertising boards and inside a large transport station in central London.

Buzz Advertising Board 1

#2 – Communicating personality within your radio brand is part of the strategy. It’s great to see personality being seen as an asset. Look at the side of the bus we see.

Buzz Advertising Board 2

#3 – Broadcast brands advertise in broadcast locations. See the side of the bus above highlighting “Live from Scotland”. Their live version is localized but with an ethnic twist.

#4 – I heard a national brand called “Smooth” pull up on Afternoon Drive and provide concise news and weather reports for a three-minute stop. It kind of makes the audience feel like they’re being drawn into the day’s events, but not too much.

#5 – Based on National Geographic, the concept of nation branding seems necessary, but it begs the question of how to replicate such a strategy in the United States and how owners can benefit from it through their respective business models.

Overall, it’s great to see radio being accepted as a medium in the UK. I think a lot of the points should go back to that side of the pond.

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