‘Universal Basic Guys’ creators Adam, Craig Malamut sign Sony TV deal

Adam and Craig Malamut have signed an overall deal with Sony Pictures Television, type Already learned exclusively.

The brothers are currently producing the animated comedy series “Universal Basic Guys,” which has been ordered by Fox to air in November 2022. Malamuts created the series and serves as executive producer.

“Sony has been an incredible partner and we are excited to officially join the family,” said Adam and Craig Malamut. “From the beginning, they supported our vision and encouraged us to stay true to our creative voice. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to join such a legendary studio and look forward to continuing our partnership.

Under the new deal, Malamuts will focus on developing animated series for broadcast, cable and streaming.

Alaskan Malamute is a self-taught animator, writer, director, editor, composer and voice actor. Their first animated show was “Sports Friends,” which aired on Yahoo screens. They then struck a deal with Bleacher Report to create the animated comedy Zone Game. The show ran for seven seasons and was nominated for multiple sports Emmy Awards. While on “Bleacher Report,” they also worked behind the scenes on shows such as “Champions” and “Gridiron Heights.”

“As a huge fan of Adam and Craig’s Zone Game work, I knew we had to work together on their next project,” said Frank Ochoa, Vice President of Adult Animation at Sony Pictures Television. “Their creativity, passion and talent are unparalleled in animation, and they bring it all to Universal Basic Guys. We are extremely excited to have “Sled Dogs” become a home for Sony and we will continue to build on our animation comedy.

Universal Basic Guys will premiere on June 12 at a special market screening during the Annecy International Animated Film Festival. The story of brother Hank Hoagies who “lost his job due to automation and received $3,000.” Now they’re using their free time and free money to find purpose in a world that no longer wants them.

Malamuts is represented by CAA and Yorn Levine Barnes.

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