Manchester Housing and Regeneration Authority celebrates 80th anniversary

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Aerial photo of Rimmon Heights by George Durette Source: MHRA files

Manchester, New Hampshire – On 8 May, Manchester Housing and Regeneration Authority (MHRA) will celebrate more than 80 years of service and work that have shaped the city of Manchester and contributed to making the communities that they are today.

The MHRA touched almost every neighborhood in the city, clearing out unsanitary problems, building decent, affordable housing, providing post-war housing support for veterans’ families, developing major commercial anchor properties, providing industrial and community projects Received financial support and spearheaded the first of the country’s most ambitious urban renewal programs – the conservation and restoration of Amosorg Mill.

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Source: Union Leader, September 5, 1952

Today, while the federal grant program that supported major community development projects no longer exists, the MHRA continues to contribute to the community through the affordable housing needed for the Upland Heights development of new properties on the west side, a redevelopment of a former residential complex. repair.

We are very grateful to the Manchester Historical Society for working with us and organizing the exhibition at Millyard Museum to help the MHRA preserve the rich history of the city of Manchester.

Please contact the Millyard Museum for more information about visiting the exhibition celebrating the MHRA’s 80th anniversary (603) 622-7531

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