“Inkland” will enter Steam Early Access in mid-May 2024

Publisher 663 Games announces upcoming action roguelite game Mojing It will be available in Steam Early Access on May 17, 2024.

Mojing It aims to combine its unique 2.5D Chinese-style ink aesthetics with the influence of modern art. The game is designed to provide players with a rich combat system that allows players to deal with multiple unique characters (the first of which will be available when the early access version goes live). It delves into philosophical narratives that explore themes of nihilism and existentialism.

In the accompanying gameplay trailer (above), players are introduced to a new boss, Animita Asura – a half-human, half-Buddha mechanical monk who lives in the desolate manuscript ruins of Animita Mountain. One of the guardians of.

Leap Studio CEO Dai expressed enthusiasm for the game entering early access, sharing:

We’re excited to release Realm of Ink on Steam Early Access and take the next step in our development journey. While we’re aiming for a perfect official launch, as a new independent game studio we acknowledge that our experience and resources are still growing. We realize that only by relying on real feedback and suggestions from our players can we continue to improve our products and provide the best gaming experience.

initial early access version Mojing Aims to provide the following:

  • Four full shows and eight boss battles.
  • The first playable character, “Sword Girl Red”, comes with three weapons.
  • Gameplay involves 20 ink gem skills across four levels.
  • Fifteen kinds of ink pets, offering more than 40 forms in four layers.
  • More than 150 perks support diverse game strategies.
  • About 30% of the game’s storyline and a first look at the world building.
  • Endless mode for those looking for an extra challenge.

Leap Studio plans to provide frequent updates and optimizations during Early Access based on a detailed development roadmap. Future updates are expected to introduce additional characters, expanded weapon options, new gameplay mechanics for Ink Pets, and additional bosses.

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