“Inkland” will enter early access on May 17th

663 Games confirmed that “Ink Realm” will be available for early access on Steam from May 17th. The early access version of “Ink Kingdom” will expand on the current demo and include 8 bosses, 20 ink gem skills, 15 ink pets (including 40 forms), 150 benefits, and the first 30% of the storyline. And endless challenge mode. The Red Swordsman will remain the only playable character in Early Access.

We’re excited to release Realm of Ink on Steam Early Access and take the next step in our development journey” commented Dai, CEO of developer Leap Studio. “While we’re aiming for a perfect official launch, as a new independent game studio we acknowledge that our experience and resources are still growing. We realize that only by relying on real feedback and suggestions from our players can we continue to improve our products and provide the best gaming experience.

In our preview of Inkland, I wrote: “Inkland definitely leaves a positive impression with its fast-paced gameplay, incredible artwork, and engaging story concept. Those with a connection to Hades may find Inkland is also worth watching, and ultimately helps Red find freedom from the pages of the story.

Realm of Ink will be released in full on PC and consoles later this year.

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