Jonathan Gresham’s new character uses octopus ink as secret weapon in ‘TNA’

Jonathan Gresham is currently pursuing a creative path in TNA to develop his character. It includes masks and octopus ink. He eventually won Under Siege in a match with TNA.

TNA explores Gresham’s personal journey of discovery through a series of vignettes. The reward is a fusion of his three selves. Gresham showed a new personality against Kushida.

Gresham showed his greatness on the mat, executing smooth moves with Kushida as his partner.

However, Gresham’s game took a strange turn. In addition to wearing a mask, he often coughed and spit out black mucus. This came to a head when Kushida landed a punch from Tanaka to Gresham’s face. The octopus coughed blank ink onto his hand. This substance is used as a secret weapon to complete the surface treatment.

When Gresham trapped Kushida in an octopus stretch, he smeared blank ink onto Kushida’s face and covered his mouth. Whatever the substance was, it had a traumatic effect on the Time Splitters, and Gresham pinned Kushida’s shoulders to the mat for the victory. Kushida choked after the match and needed help getting to the back.

Well, it sure is a fun way to win. TNA must consult the official rule book to determine the legality of this blank ink. Gresham, meanwhile, is on an interesting path with this new role.

For full results from Under Siege, click here. The show is available on TNA+, YouTube for Ultimate Insiders and TrillerTV.

What do you think of Jonathan Gresham’s new role?

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