Curiox Biosystems and Beckman Coulter ink partnership simplifies flow cytometry sample preparation

Combining C-FREE technology with DURA Innovations enables hands-free cleaning sample preparation for flow cytometers

Curiox Biosystems Co., a leader in technology innovation for life science research, and Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, a global leader in laboratory automation and innovation, announce a strategic partnership to provide researchers with a one-stop solution for hand-free sample preparation for flow cytometry. .

The agreement combines Curiox’s gentle laminar flow-based liquid exchange technology, known as C-FREE technology, with Beckman Coulter Life Sciences’ DURAClone dry preformulated antibody panel and a comprehensive suite of custom DURA Innovations dry reagent antibody cocktails. This workflow solution overcomes long-standing challenges faced by researchers around the world, including the need for a high degree of standardization, reproducibility, and automated sample preparation in flow cytometry laboratories.

The collaboration is expected to accelerate research and development of next-generation therapeutics, vaccines and biomanufacturing processes.

“Our alliance with Beckman Coulter Life Sciences is more than just a combination of technologies; it’s about combining our strengths to empower the scientific community.” Jin Nanyong. Ph.D., CEO of Curiox Biosystems. “By tackling the challenges of standardization, automation and reproducibility head-on, we are paving the way for significant advances in research and healthcare.”

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