Taiwanese artist holds modern ink painting exhibition in Bangkok

China News Service, Bangkok, May 3. Two Taiwanese artists are holding an exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand, displaying works that add modern elements to Chinese ink paintings and display traditional art through a contemporary perspective.

The ink paintings of Taiwanese artists Li Guanyu and Wang Guanya, which showcase Eastern philosophy through contemporary art, are the focus of an exhibition titled “Strokes” at the Adel Gallery of Modern Art in the Thai capital.

Li’s Symbiosis is a series of ink installations featuring black and white swans that also incorporate philosophical concepts from the Book of Changes, an ancient Chinese divination text known in English as the Book of Changes.

According to a description on the gallery’s website, the artwork “occupies the space from eye level to ground level, inviting viewers to reflect on their position while maintaining a balance between the inevitable changes in nature of sustainable living.”

In an interview with Central News Agency, Li said that the work was inspired by her life experience and seeing how her family supported each other to overcome life’s difficulties when encountering misfortune.

The artist said that she tried to explore the philosophy behind the coexistence of good and bad in her work, so the black and white swans are like the coexistence of good and bad, the contrast between yin and yang.

She added that there is no permanent good or bad luck in life.

Meanwhile, Wang’s “Hot Doooog Cart” adds a modern touch to the art of calligraphy through her brushstrokes, according to a description on the gallery’s website.

She tells WebMD she chose to paint dogs because her father is a veterinarian and she feels a deep connection to dogs.

Wang added that she combines the dachshund’s ability to elongate and arch its body with the brush strokes of calligraphy into her creations.

Talking about one of her works, a calligraphy work hanging in the center of the exhibition hall with the word “dog” written on it, Wang said that every stroke is a dachshund.

She explains that she tried to give traditional ink paintings a modern feel while balancing Eastern aesthetics with Western elements.

The exhibition will be held at the Adel Square Gallery from April 23 to May 24, and will be the gallery’s first exhibition of ink paintings.

(Written by Lu Xinhui and Xiao Bier)


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