Paul Craig’s Tattoos: The Meaning Behind UFC Star’s Ink

Often, the most unique aspect of a UFC fighter isn’t their fights, but their interesting tattoos. Many of MMA’s top fighters have interesting ink on their bodies. Paul Craig This phenomenon is no exception. The recent move to middleweight has several tattoos that fans want to know more about.

Soon, he will fight Cayo Boralho at UFC 301 in Brazil. Fans of the Scottish boxer will be delighted to see him back in action. As his fight gets closer, let’s take a look back at everything we know about the 36-year-old’s tattooed self.

Paul Craig’s famous chest tattoo: What does it say?


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“Bearjew” has a unique tattoo on his chest that many people want to know more about. If you look closely, you will understand that his tattoo reads – “Only God knows what I would be like without you.” That’s the main line of the Beach Boys’ hit song “God Only Knows.” While we don’t have official confirmation, this tattoo could be dedicated to Paul Craig’s partner.

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And the tattoo on his chest isn’t the only patch of ink on his body. The top UFC fighter also has many other tattoos on his body. And, he craves more!

Paul Craig gets new tattoo

Not long ago, Craig updated fans about his latest tattoo. According to a photo he posted on Instagram, “Bearjew” has a symmetrical flower-patterned art tattoo on his left bicep.

Flower tattoos often symbolize elegance, beauty, and strength. His tattoos are from Whifflet Street Tattoos.

Other tattoos on Scottish UFC fighters

The list goes on! Craig also has the “Biffy B” logo tattooed on his right forearm. Additionally, he has a Japanese-style sleeve tattoo on his right arm. Additionally, his tattoo reads “XIV I” (which may or may not be a Roman numeral).


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If not, Craig also has a tattoo of a puzzle on his chest. Last but not least, the number “27” can be seen tattooed on his body. This is his date of birth as he was born on November 27, 1987.


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What do you think of Paul Craig’s tattoos? Also, do you think he can win at the UFC 301 PPV in Brazil? Let us know in the comments below.

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