Nu-Ink Studio owner Kerwin Chong discovers the meaning and beauty of tattoo art

MassLive recently asked readers to select leaders in the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community across the state who are committed to making a difference in politics, education, business, the arts or other areas of interest.

Profiles of these leaders It will be released in May in conjunction with Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. These people are seen by our readers as inspirational people who may have done good things for their communities. They are recognized for their achievements, leadership and commitment to inspiring change.

Zhuang Kaiwen

Zhuang Kaiwen

age: 48

Community: attleborough

his story: As a tattoo artist, Kevin Chong said he is constantly competing with other “mainstream” art forms such as pottery, pinstriping, glassmaking and murals. Although tattoos have similar methods and applications, there is still a stigma behind them. As such, Chong is committed to changing the way people think about tattoos by creating beautiful and meaningful tattoos for her clients.

Chong understands that a personal tattoo can have both personal and professional meaning. The tattoo artist, who has many meaningful tattoos, says a tattoo is “a celebration or memorial of someone you love. It also helps with confidence and healing.”

Chong especially sees the positive impact tattoos have on his clients.

“When I see my clients’ reactions after treatment, they are touched and I appreciate the results,” Chong said. “Sometimes it’s bittersweet, especially when they lose someone and get a tattoo to commemorate them and it brings tears to their eyes and it helps with healing at the same time.”

Chong has been the owner of Nu-Ink Tattoo Studio in Attleboro for 10 years. But before opening his shop, the 48-year-old was “a tourist from humble beginnings.”

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Profile

In 1997, Chong immigrated to the United States from the Philippines at the age of 21.

Chong earned an associate’s degree from Quinsigamond Community College in Worcester and a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Fitchburg State College.

He told MassLive that the keys to his success as a business owner are “hard work, perseverance, integrity, staying humble, and always being a student of the craft.”

In his own words: “It’s cliche, but don’t stop believing! Stay humble and down to earth. Good character and integrity are a must.

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