Man reminds us not to use squid ink indiscriminately

We rarely find stories about sepia ink. We often see videos of shark attacks, but rarely encounter squid attacks.

We’ve seen it work on television, with The Penguins of Madagascar giving us a look into the inner workings of Squidward’s followers.

What we do know is that squid use ink as a defense mechanism, much like skunks use stink spray. But be careful not to become a “captain” and threaten the squid…

Video provided by YouTube.

A video going viral on social media reminds us why we shouldn’t mess with squid ink.

in shared videos Xwe see a man on the boat rubbing a black liquid on his hands and arms, as if applying lotion.

The narrator reveals that the man was rubbing a bag of squid ink onto his hands and arms. He quickly realized that this decision wasn’t the best.

According to Healthline, “Squid release a dark ink when they defend themselves against predators. It’s popular, often featured in Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine, and may even be known to boost immunity or have antioxidant properties.”

Find out what happened to this man after applying squid ink for five days. In case you were wondering, the reason the squid ink stained the man’s hands and arms is because its main component is melanin.

“The main compound in squid ink is melanin, which is the pigment responsible for the inky black color. It is also found in humans and determines your skin color.” (Healthline)

Video provided by X.

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