“Inkland” will be launched in early access on May 17th

With a limited number of AAA projects planned for May this year, it really is the perfect time to dive into indie development. For those looking for a stylish game with an action roguelite theme, we might just have the perfect game for you, as Chinese developer Leap Studio has now confirmed that Inkland will be available via its Early Access platform starting May 17th Log in to Steam.


The game uses 2.5D Chinese style ink painting and modern art direction, combined with a combat suite, which undoubtedly reminds many people of “Hades”. The game’s story aims to explore the philosophical importance of life while traversing the realms of nihilism and existentialism, but as for how this all translates into the gameplay experience, we’ll have a taste of it in mid-May.

Because “Realm of Ink” will be launched as an early access game, there are four acts and eight bosses available to play. The first playable character will also be available, she is called the swordswoman Red and can wield three unique weapons. In addition, there are expected to be 20 ink gem skills available for testing, divided into four quality levels, and 15 ink pets with more than 40 unique forms. 150 perks take building crafting to another level, all of which can be experienced around 30% of the way through the entire storyline. However, if you reach Early Access, Endless Mode will mean you can keep playing indefinitely.

Leap Studio promises that “Realm of Ink” will be launched in version 1.0 and land on consoles later in 2024, and the early access version will be updated multiple times to add new content (such as more playable characters, additional weapons, and Ink pets , additional content).

Until then, be sure to check out the trailer for Ink no Kyoukai’s new Asura boss battle below.



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