Anthony Davis starts offseason with new back ink from famous NBA celebrity tattoo artist

With the Los Angeles Lakers’ season coming to an end with a first-round loss to the defending champion Denver Nuggets, Anthony Davis is taking time away from basketball and adding another tattoo to his body. The nine-time NBA All-Star is getting a tattoo from famed tattoo artist Steve Wiebe, which has social media abuzz.

As can be seen in the video, Davis has a tattoo on the upper part of his back that reads “Started with a Dream.” This is just one of many tattoos on Davis’ body.

Wiebe is a favorite tattoo artist for many celebrities, including NBA players such as Kevin Durant, Dorell Wright, Josh Smith, DeAndre Jordan and Brandon Jennings. The Canadian inker is covered in tattoos from head to toe, showing his love for his craft.

According to, Wiebe is a self-confessed basketball fan who worked with Mike Bibby and Shareef Abdul-Rahim before the team decided to move to Memphis in 2001. Abdur-Rahim to watch a Vancouver Grizzlies game.

Anthony Davis’s other tattoos

Although Anthony Davis just got another tattoo on his body, he’s been collecting glimpses of his life through body artwork. Most of “AD’s” tattoos cover his basketball uniform, and each tattoo has meaning to his life journey.

His most popular ink pieces include a portrait of his grandfather, Lamont Eberhardt, and the words “REST UP Champ.” Another, a “Chicago” tattoo on his right bicep, pays homage to his birthplace, while “1993” indicates the year he was born.

Another portrait on him and the letters “NALA” on his left forearm are photos of her daughter as a child. “Stars and doves” surround the letters “NALA”, showing an artistic atmosphere.

Davis also has the word “RIP” engraved on his body, above a “cross” on his right forearm, in memory of his late loved one. His initials “AD” are on his right wrist, also in honor of his father of the same name.

One of Anthony Davis’ most popular tattoos pays homage to Kobe Bryant, with the “Black Mamba” logo intertwined with a snake. This tattoo has also been inked on LeBron James as they both have the same design in recognition of Kobe’s impact on the game of basketball.