LiveLike partners with Infinite athlete ink data

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Fan engagement technology company LiveLike is the latest member of Infinite Athlete’s partner network to access the data distribution company’s FusionFeed. The goal is to further give teams the ability to personalize content and other experiences, much like the two companies already have separate integrations within the Chelsea Football Club app via LiveLike’s Play Predictor and Infinite Athlete’s Match View X. will enable both companies to enhance the audience experience for new and existing joint customers.

LiveLike offers a wide range of interactive products such as polls, quizzes and prediction games, as well as tools for building community and rewarding loyalty. Its other existing partners include NASCAR, the Warriors and YES Network, as well as its most recent partnership with Venuetize. Infinite Athlete’s artificial intelligence synchronizes all footage and data at the time of creation to help developers create downstream products, working with the NFL and NFLPA as well as Chelsea and Colorado. Infinite Athlete has about a dozen partner network members, including Gemini Sports Analytics, Dizplai and StreamLayer.

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