LaMelo Ball shows off new ink that covers his entire back

Charlotte Hornets star point guard LaMelo Ball debuted the latest addition to his tattoo collection on social media this week. A full back, extending all the way to shoulders and triceps, now engulfed Ball’s skin.

The words “Rare One” are taped between the shoulder blades, and a hooded alien with the number “1” carved into his forehead rests on Ball’s lower back, just above the “1 of 1” mantra. His initials now sit on top of his respective triceps, and he has a pair of crosses on each elbow.

Ball averaged 23.9 points, 5.1 rebounds and 8 assists in 22 games during the 2023 regular season. In an exit interview in mid-April, Charlotte player Miles Bridges commented to the media about Ball’s ambitions for the 2024 season, noting that the face of the team has been set for the upcoming 2024 regular season. Playing 75 games in the tournament is a personal goal.

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