Inkland, an ink-style action rogue game, launched on Switch


Publisher 663 Games, developers Maple Leaf and Leap Studio confirm plans for Realm of Ink change. A release window has not yet been announced.

“Inkland” is an ink-style action rogue game. Players initially take on the role of Red, but accidentally discover that she is just a fictional character in a collection of short stories. Additional characters will be unlocked along the way.

More details can be found in the overview below:

You’ll initially play as the swordsman Red, and then gradually unlock other characters. With the help of the ancient talisman fox and the immortal power of the mysterious fox blood, you will defeat the four bosses and regain your destiny. During the journey, the long-lost ink gem was rediscovered; the truth about the book spirit was gradually revealed; soon, Red and others discovered that they were just fictional characters in the ink world. Everything seems to be destined: the old world will collapse, a new world is forming, and the awakened soul will reshape its true self in countless cycles of destruction.

Main features

  • Exquisite ink painting style: From the verdant Buddhist forest, the cold and strange monkey country, the gentle and formidable water town, to the ancient and solemn mausoleum ruins, the four themed stages have their own characteristics. But be aware that behind the beautiful scenery, there are countless demons and crises hidden. What secrets are hidden in the pasts of the three protagonists and dozens of NPCs? Take on the challenge and uncover the truth!
  • Multiple Combinations and Builds: Ink Gems come in a variety of appearances, and they enhance each other. Use them to explore various martial arts schools, master powerful yin and yang skills, and defeat your enemies with one strike! Hundreds of rare magic weapons trigger various unique effects, provide unique attribute bonuses, and empower your martial arts, allowing you to easily defeat all enemies! You can also engage in long-term character development outside of combat and unlock new moves and combat style combinations. The internal and external double circulation system provides a fresh experience every time!
  • Unknown journey, unique levels: Explore a variety of combat levels and routes, collect ink stains, wealth and magic treasures, and duel with bosses. In this exciting unknown journey, you will enter different levels and meet different NPCs, making the whole journey full of surprises!
  • Fight side by side with your close Mo Pet: with mysterious origins and cute appearance, Mo Pet will be your partner. As the ink gems are upgraded, your ink pet will also change, becoming stronger and fighting alongside you!

You can get a closer look at Inkland in the trailer below.

official trailer

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