Alexandre Pantoja Tattoos: How much ink does the UFC star have on his body?

Tattoos form as much a part of a warrior’s image as their entrance music or clothing choices. Most UFC fighters have ink tattooed on their bodies and on the flyweight champion, Alexander Pantoja no difference.

With a solid record of 27 wins and 5 losses, Pantoja stands at the top of the flyweight division and will face him in his next challenge at UFC 301 Steve Ersager. The flyweight champion has a variety of tattoos on his body, and ahead of his fight with Astro Boy, let’s take a look at what they mean and mean.

Which tattoo does Alexandre Pantoja have on his arm?


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Alexandre Pantoja is set to defend his title again against Steve Erceg in the UFC’s return to Brazil at UFC 301. A challenge that could make him one of the best flyweights today Pantogia has already beaten almost every other contender.

The Rio de Janeiro native has a long tattoo on his left hand and fans can see it again this Saturday. It stretched from his shoulders to his knuckles. This is a Japanese themed tattoo with dragons, clouds and flames. So what does a tattoo portend? Well, the inks represent the mythical dragons from Japanese folklore. Dragon tattoos have specific meanings as they symbolize strength, wisdom and good luck.

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Additionally, Japanese dragon ink is often paired with cloud, fire, or water, showing their control over elemental energies. Pantoja never really clarified the meaning of his ink, but a little digging gave us the answer. In addition, “Man-Eater” has another interesting tattoo on his leg.

What does the “man-eater” leg tattoo mean?

Pantoja’s fascination with Japanese-themed tattoos isn’t limited to dragon ink. “Man-Eater” also has another tattoo on the upper thigh of his right leg. At first glance, the ink looks like a portrait of his loved one, but in fact, it’s a Japanese geisha with flowers in her hair. Once again, Pantoja didn’t specify why he got the tattoo, but we’ll take a look anyway.


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Geisha tattoos are rare in the world of ink painting. Not many people like to get such tattoos. Body shape is just a way of appreciating beauty in a general sense. According to some ink forums, a Geisha ink tattoo represents the tattooer’s appreciation of beauty, good manners, etc.

On the surface, the flyweight champion appears to have a keen interest in Japanese mythology and a fascination with their culture. What do you think of Alexandre Pantoja’s tattoos? Let us know in the comments below.

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