Siegwerk develops new online printable barrier coating

Siegwerk has announced the successful development of fully recyclable single PE bags for dry pet food using its CIRKIT functional coating.

Together with printer manufacturer Windmöller & Hölscher and bag and machine manufacturer B&B, the company has produced a new high-barrier monomaterial package that offers the same packaging and processing properties as multi-material structures commonly used in dry pet food , but also fully recyclable.

“New approaches are needed to meet the upcoming regulatory requirements for circular packaging,” said Belal Habib, Head of Brand Owner Partnerships at Siegwerk. “The challenge was to find a design that was recyclable while meeting the respective performance requirements of the packaging.”

For example, pet food packaging must not only ensure food safety, but also require certain barrier properties, such as resistance to oils and fats, to keep food fresh and maintain the integrity of the packaging structure. For this purpose, complex multi-material structures with metallized layers have usually been used so far.

“The problem is: they are not recyclable,” Habib added. “Innovative barrier coatings applied in thin layers and combined with conventional printing inks can help move from incompatible multi-material structures to fully recyclable single-material solutions in a circular economy sense.”

By using Siegwerk’s CIRKIT GreaseBar, an in-line printable grease barrier coating, and CIRKIT HeatGuard, a coating that enables high-end sealing process efficiency (heat resistance of the film surface), the coating Also available with conventional flexo or gravure printing machines), the newly developed recyclable single PE bags achieve the same packaging performance as non-recyclable complex multi-material systems, but with the decisive advantage of being completely recyclable.

Both CIRKIT coatings are solvent-based, fully deinkable after layering, and can be printed in-line without any loss of printing performance. In addition, the use of full PU ink is not only suitable for mechanical recycling, but its process performance in terms of printing speed and quality is comparable to NC/PU flexo ink. All inks and coatings used comply with the latest recycling guidelines, including German minimum standards and RecyClass for recyclable packaging.

“This development success once again underlines the importance of collaboration across the packaging value chain, combining the expertise of industry experts,” concludes Habib. “Together we have successfully developed a circular innovation, enabled by inline and high-speed changeovers. performance and maintain current process efficiency.”

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