Nicklaus Children’s Health Systems and Philips Ink 10-Year Partnership –

What you should know:

– Philips and Nicklaus Children’s Health System, a leader in pediatric care, announce a groundbreaking 10-year collaboration focused on enhancing the patient and employee experience, improving outcomes and driving innovation in pediatric care.

– As part of the partnership, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital will be the first to use the nearly helium-free Philips Ambition X MR scanner. This innovative technology eliminates the need for constant helium replenishment, a significant advantage for hospitals managing this precious resource.

– Additionally, the EasySwitch solution enables smooth and rapid magnet discharge or re-energization, minimizing disruption to the patient.

Focus on faster diagnosis and less stress

Philips AI radiology workflow solutions will be implemented to reduce exam time and the need for rescans, allowing for faster diagnosis and treatment planning for younger patients. In addition, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital will leverage Philips’ suite of patient experience technologies to:

  • Philips environmental experience: Create a calming environment with dynamic lighting, video projections and soothing sounds.
  • Kitten Scanner: Child-sized MRI replica allows children to explore how the scanner works in a non-threatening way.
  • Scan for friends app: Provide educational games and fun characters to help children understand the MRI procedure in advance, potentially reducing anxiety and the need for sedation.

Streamline workflow and empower employees

Advanced SmartWorkflow and SmartSpeed ​​MR technologies will automate exam setup and reduce exam time by up to 65%, allowing staff to focus on delivering excellent care.

Using artificial intelligence ultrasound to enhance cardiac care

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital will also use Philips’ EPIQ CVx and Compact 5500CV AI ultrasound systems. These advanced systems automate measurements and strain variable changes to:

  • Quantitative time shortened by 51%
  • 2D imaging inspection speed increased by 20%
  • Improve diagnostic confidence with TrueVue imaging technology
“Philips shares our commitment to innovation, and patient safety and quality, and has taken the time to understand our care goals and the unique Nicklaus Children's experience we work to deliver,” said Matthew A. Love, president, and CEO of Nicklaus Children’s Health System. “This means understanding that you cannot just make a smaller version of an adult radiology solution for our patients, and that sick kids don’t necessarily stay still for studies. More importantly, if we can make things fun and give each child confidence about the procedure, we can alleviate some of the stress they and their families may be feeling as part of the treatment process.”

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