OpenAI signs content licensing agreement with Financial Times


ChatGPT users will have access to excerpts, citations and links to FT articles

What happened

this Financial Times The Financial Times (FT) has signed a licensing agreement with artificial intelligence company OpenAI.

The partnership enables OpenAI to use FT content in the development of artificial intelligence tools, marking another example of collaboration between a news organization and an artificial intelligence company.

As part of the deal, users of OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT will be able to access excerpts, quotes and links to Financial Times articles.

Financial Times will assist OpenAI in developing new artificial intelligence products

In return for licensing its content, Financial Times Will work closely with OpenAI to create new artificial intelligence products.

The news organization is already a user of ChatGPT Enterprise, another OpenAI product.

Recently, FT launched a beta version of its generative AI search feature, powered by Anthropic’s Claude large language model, called Ask FT.

Financial Times chief confirms commitment to human journalism

John Riding, Chief Executive Officer Financial Timesunderscoring the company’s commitment to “human journalism” despite technology partnerships.

“Of course, it is right that AI platforms pay publishers for the use of their materials,” he said, adding that “it is clearly in the interest of users that these products include reliable sources.”

This statement underlines the Financial Times’ commitment to journalistic integrity while embracing artificial intelligence technology.

OpenAI’s previous licensing agreements and disputes

OpenAI has previously signed similar licensing deals with other news organizations, including Axel Springer Associated Press.

These agreements allow OpenAI to use data from articles in these publications to train its artificial intelligence models.

However, not all interactions between news organizations and OpenAI have been positive; New York Times and others filed a lawsuit against OpenAI, accusing ChatGPT of copyright infringement.

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