India to sign 6G cooperation agreement with European institutions


Bharat 6G Alliance aims to strengthen cooperation in 6G technology development

What happened

According to India’s Bharat 6G, it is about to finalize a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the European 6G Industry Alliance. HT Mint.

The country is expanding cooperation in advanced technologies under the EU-India Trade and Technology Council.

This cooperation is expected to promote cooperation in the field of 6G technology development.

An agreement between Bharat 6G and Industry Alliance 6G is about to be concluded.

Bharat 6G and Industry Alliance 6G are drafting details

Details of the collaboration between Bharat 6G and Industry Alliance 6G are currently being drafted.

A formal agreement is expected to be finalized next quarter.

Prior to this, Bharat 6G signed a memorandum of understanding with the US Next G Alliance last year to focus on developing 6G wireless technology and establishing a strong supply chain.

Both countries have expressed their commitment to creating secure telecommunications and promoting global digital inclusion. They also shared their bold vision for future 6G networks.

What is Bharat 6G Alliance?

The Bharat 6G Alliance was established by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) in 2023 “to bring together Indian startups, companies and manufacturing ecosystem to establish alliances and promote the design, development and deployment of 6G technology in India”.

DoT also pointed out that B6GA hopes to put India at the forefront of global 6G innovation by accelerating the creation of domestic standard-related patents.

Active participation in international standardization organizations such as 3GPP and ITU is also included.

India’s 6G vision document has been approved by ITU

The Indian government is keen to form alliances with other global 6G entities to gain a deeper understanding of the commercial and social impact of 6G beyond the technical aspects.

The aim is to build consensus on these needs and stimulate research and development.

The Bharat 6G Alliance also strengthens India’s position in the International Telecommunications Union, which has approved India’s 6G vision document, allowing it to play an important role in setting standards.

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