Warner Chappell signs partnership agreement with BandLab Technologies

Warner Chappell Music (WCM) and BandLab Technologies have signed an exclusive agreement focusing on the latter’s ReverbNation artist services subsidiary.

Warner Music-owned publishers and Cadde Music Group’s BandLab Technologies reached out today to announce their “groundbreaking” alliance. According to the company description, Warner Chappell will be responsible for managing ReverbNation creators participating in the “new ReverbNation Publishing Management Plan.”

In addition, WCM and ReverbNation intend to form a joint venture aimed at identifying and connecting talent through the platform, which BandLab Technologies bought back in 2021. Support, entities including A&R, sync and creative services professionals drive home.

Warner Chappell co-chairman and CEO Guy Moot said of the partnership that artists and songwriters are being discovered through “so many different digital platforms.”

“Now that songwriters and artists can be discovered through so many different digital platforms, it’s what I call the ‘new songwriter economy,’” said Moot, whose employer, Warner Music, announced in the past two years has stepped back from a broad agreement with SoundCloud.

“Partnering with BandLab Technologies allows us to tap into the incredible community of creators they have built and help support and amplify the voices of promising, up-and-coming talent,” he continued.

In his comments, Ming Ru Kuok, co-founder and CEO of BandLab Technologies, who is also head of NME Networks and the aforementioned Caldecott, emphasized allowing “a new generation of artists to find their own voice.” and location” capabilities.

“Not only does this partnership open up more potential avenues for artistic development and innovation, it also bridges the gap between emerging talent and established industry platforms, allowing a new generation of artists to find their voices in a landscape that continues to adapt and expand. and location.

In the bigger picture, the agreement is just the latest in a series of high-profile deals struck by Warner Chappell, which recently appointed a new vice president of creative synchronization until 2024. , in April, the publisher finalized a global management relationship with Dua Lipa’s Radical22, in conjunction with Electronic Arts on the gaming side.

Finally, in terms of WCM’s April move, the publisher and ICE expanded their partnership 10 days ago. Under the agreement, Warner Chappell expects to “shift all online processing from other European digital licensing management partners to ICE.”

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