Realm Of Ink releases new developer blog about Ink Pets

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Check out Realm Of Ink’s latest video, in which the developers talk about the ink pets you’ll encounter in the game.

Article Summary

  • A new developer video showcases the Ink Pets in the Ink Kingdom, each with unique powers.
  • Ink pets are constantly evolving to help players fight in style action games.
  • The plot of “Inkland” centers on the swordsman Hong in the fictional world.
  • Players uncover secrets and face danger in four carefully designed stages.

Indie game developers Leap Studio and Maple Leaf Studio and publisher 663 Games have released a new developer video Mojing this week. The video shows off the new addition of the Ink Pet to the game, as you actually have a companion by your side with special powers and abilities that can help you in battle. Each pet offers something different, depending on your chosen fighting style, and evolves into a powerful creature over time. Enjoy the video above as we’re still waiting on the game’s release date.

Action roguelite Realm Of Ink announced for PC and consoles simultaneouslyAction roguelite Realm Of Ink announced for PC and consoles simultaneously
Credit: 663 Games


While hunting down a cunning fox demon, heroine and swordsman Red discovers that she is a fictional character from the short story collection Mojing. Only by unlocking the Book Soul’s dark secret can Red discover the truth about her existence and defy her destiny. The story takes place in a virtual world called “Inkland”, where the residents only exist in a fictional world without their knowledge. Under the control of the mysterious book spirit, they obediently followed their predetermined destiny, forgetting their own cyclical life.

You’ll initially play as the swordsman Red, and then gradually unlock other characters. With the help of the ancient talisman fox and the immortal power of the mysterious fox blood, you will defeat the four bosses and regain your destiny. During the journey, the long-lost black gemstone was rediscovered, and the truth about the book spirit was gradually revealed. Soon, Red and the others discovered that they were just fictional characters in the novel. Mojing. Everything seems destined: the old world will collapse, a new world is forming, and the awakened soul will reshape its true self in countless cycles of destruction. From the verdant Buddhist forest, the cold and magical monkey country, the gentle and terrifying water town, to the ancient and solemn mausoleum ruins, the four themed stages each have their own characteristics. But be aware that behind the beautiful scenery, there are countless demons and crises hidden. What secrets are hidden in the pasts of the three protagonists and dozens of NPCs? Take on the challenge and uncover the truth!

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