The ethnic ink charm of sandalwood

Voters have come forward to exercise their rights in this year’s 2024 Lok Sabha elections in Karnataka, and the Kannada film industry is not far behind. Everyone from actors to producers, directors and more participated in the voting process and encouraged others to do the same. This is how sandalwood comes into being.

Sandalwood actor vote this year

Actor Dhananjaya KA posted a series of photos with her family as she cast her vote in her small town with the caption “Must vote”. Actor Prakash Raaj urges citizens to vote for change this year. Former cricketer and current coach Rahul Dravid was also spotted lining up to cast his vote in the city, while actor Rakshit Shetty also traveled to Udupi to cast his vote for the same. Actor Ragini Dwivedi shared a long caption on her photo after casting her vote, saying: “I just came back from voting in the general election and let me tell you, there is something so exciting about it. Incredible power. It’s not just about pushing a button, it’s about making your voice heard and shaping the future of our country. I know sometimes it feels like our individual votes don’t mean much, but trust me, they matter. Every vote is like a drop of water in the ocean, and together they have the power to create a wave of change. Other actors like Meghana Gaonkar, Radhika Narayan, Suraj Gowda, Shwetha Srivatsav, Samyuktha Hornad, Aindrita Ray, etc. were also present to cast their votes.

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Actor-host Ramesh Aravind, who was chosen as the Bengaluru district election icon 2024, cast his vote around 2:30 pm while many others rushed to the polling stations in the early hours of Friday to do the same ‘s vote.

This year, 2.88 million people in Karnataka are eligible to vote among 247 candidates. Despite factors such as slow lines and warmer temperatures, turnout in the state remained high.

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