TelevisaUnivision highlights strength of Hispanic voters in first-quarter earnings

TelevisaUnivision CEO Wade Davis took the opportunity during the company’s first-quarter 2024 earnings call to emphasize the power Hispanic media will have during the upcoming presidential election. The Spanish-language broadcaster operates 35 radio stations in the United States.

Davis pointed to the strategic role of reaching Latino voters and highlighted TelevisaUnivision’s key position in reaching current key demographics. “Hispanic registered voters at least surpassed previous margin of victory In 45 House races, Democrats only need a net gain of two seats to win a House majority.

He continued, “U.S. Latino voters may be the largest, if not the only, swing vote in the 2024 elections. 62% of U.S. Latinos say they will vote based on their opinion of a candidate’s stance on an issue. It is not a coalition of parties that comes to vote. Candidates recognize this. We believe both Democrats and Republicans understand that Hispanic voters will determine the presidential race and control of Congress, and Univision is the platform to reach them.

While results were not broken down by media category, TelevisaUnivision reported U.S. revenue of $739.9 million, with slight increases in subscription, licensing and advertising revenue balancing declines in other revenue streams.

The company’s total revenue grew 7% to $1.1 billion. However, operating expenses increased 16% to US$820.5 million, putting pressure on profits.

Advertising revenue for linear networks in the United States was slightly weaker, totaling $399.4 million, while in Mexico, ad revenue surged 19% to $249 million due to increased private sector activity. This resulted in a 7% increase in total advertising revenue for the quarter to $648 million.

The company’s growth has been driven largely by the premium tier of its ViX OTT video platform, despite continued user losses on the linear platform. A new ad-supported ViX Premium tier is expected to launch soon, which the company believes will further boost its streaming growth.

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