Kazakh and Turkish business leaders sign 10 business agreements at Ankara forum

ASTANA – Kazakh and Turkish business leaders signed 10 business documents worth more than $180 million at a business forum held in Ankara on April 25, the Prime Minister’s Press Service reported.

Photo source: Prime Minister’s Information Office

These include a memorandum of understanding on the export of finished goods, an agreement for the construction of a logistics centre, a soda ash production plant, irrigation equipment, non-woven materials and the assembly of irrigation equipment. Both parties agreed to exchange best practices in seed production and seed supply in the future.

Currently, the two countries have implemented nearly 100 joint investment projects worth approximately US$3.8 billion.

Kazakh Prime Minister Orzas Bekternov addressed business representatives and emphasized his readiness to support the implementation of the plan.

“Kazakhstan has huge investment potential and we are interested in expanding mutually beneficial cooperation with Kazakhstan Türkiye. Kazakhstan’s goal is to transfer advanced technology, localize production, create advanced processing clusters, and produce high-quality, high-value products. Investors willing to cooperate in this direction will receive the necessary resources, infrastructure and support. The Kazakh government is ready to become a reliable and long-term partner for everyone willing to do business in Kazakhstan.

Turkish Vice President Devet Yilmaz said that Kazakhstan and Türkiye enjoy Economic and trade relations have shown positive momentum for development.

“This is thanks to business representatives, investors and exporters. I would also like to emphasize the special importance of today’s negotiations. The two governments will continue to work together to develop the economy and provide all possible assistance to businesses. I am very grateful for the cooperation between Kazakhstan and China full of confidence Türkiye It will be expanded due to the new agreement,” he said.

Kazakh Transport Minister Marat Karabaev pointed out that the volume of goods transported between Kazakhstan and Kazakhstan Türkiye Rail transport increased by approximately 40% in one year.

“It is planned to develop a trans-Caspian international transport route to increase transport prospects,” he said.

Yerzhan Yelekeyev, Chairman of the Kazakh State Investment Company, shared the results of the business forum.

“We invite Turkish companies to participate in the coal chemical industry. Kazakhstan’s total coal reserves are designed to be used for 300 years, and modern technology makes it possible to produce high value-added products from coal.

Kazakh Trade and Integration Minister Arman Shakaliyev said that Kazakhstan plans to increase exports of 34 products Türkiye The total value exceeds US$630 million.

Türkiye It is one of the five largest trading partners of Kazakhstan and one of the top 20 investors. Since the country’s independence, Türkiye Six billion dollars have been invested in the Kazakh economy,” he said.

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