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At first glance, a new home in suburban Powell appears modest, well built and with plenty of land. A closer look at the side of the house reveals a small room painted black with white flowers. That would be Yellowstone Tattoo owned by Mindy Fach.

Last September, Mindy and Allan Fach moved from their former studio in downtown Powell to their home after completing a year-long construction process.

Because of Allen’s construction expertise as owner of Ridge Construction, they were able to take on the construction work themselves and only subcontract certain tasks.

Build together


The home was Allen’s main project last year, and Mindy and their son were involved in it as much as they could.

“We’re building not far from where we live, which is very convenient for us because we can come here in the evenings or on the weekends and do stuff,” Mindy said.

The house has an open floor plan, and it was important to Mindy and Allen to have a large kitchen suitable for holidays and family gatherings, Allen said. The kitchen features a gas stove, large island and double ovens for efficient cooking. There is plenty of light, an important detail for Mindy. She loves the decorative aspect and the ability to use different lighting throughout the day.

There is also a separate beverage station with a countertop to prevent clutter. The kitchen opens to the living room, where there is a small wood-burning stove for alternative heat. A small electric fireplace sits on the wall below the TV, creating a cozy aesthetic.

Enter the tattoo studio through the garage.

yellowstone tattoo


The studio proved to be a useful addition, but it wasn’t a permanent part of the house plan.

“When we were planning to build, there was no certainty,” Mindy said. “This happened in the beginning stages of floor plan design. “I was like, Hey, Alan, what would it be like to build a 16 x 16 room with a bathroom on the side?”

Mindy said a separate entrance and bathroom with shower were important in case they wanted to repurpose the building and use it as an additional bedroom, mother-in-law apartment or office in the future.

Mindy has many years of tattooing experience. She has owned a store in Alaska for 12 years, where she and her husband have lived. But Mindy actually grew up in Park County. Her family’s land was not too far from where the tattoo studio now stands.

When Mindy and Ellen decided to move back to the area, they bought a piece of family property that her grandparents had owned for over 60 years, but the house wasn’t big enough for their long-term needs.

“So we found this piece of land, just a quarter of a mile from where I grew up.”

Her Powell background influenced the aesthetic of the tattoo studio. The walls are a bright teal inspired by Mindy’s grandmother’s turquoise jewelry, and black ceiling tiles were installed because she wanted to resemble the Western-style tin ceilings found in many Park County buildings. She said the ceiling tiles were actually found on Amazon and were easy for her and Allen to install. While some people are skeptical of black ceilings, she believes the ceiling height helps prevent the room from being too dark or cramped.

“It’s bolder than anything I have in my house. But it’s bold enough for the creative space I want,” Mindy says.

Also in the studio is her grandmother’s dresser, which Mindy renovated and painted with a floral pattern. Nearby is a large cabinet that belonged to her great-grandmother and holds a collection of cat figurines. She once bought a cat figurine at a thrift store, and they have since become popular gifts from customers. The walls are lined with other art; tattoo designs, prints, paintings and Western decoration. Most of the artwork is not actually Fahey’s work, but is accumulated over the years while attending different tattoo conventions. The new studio adds Western art elements, filling the space with Western popular styles.

“It’s just something I pick up from friends or through travel,” Mindy said. “So just stuff that I like (and) stuff that inspires me.”

It’s a little unconventional, Mindy said, with a tattoo studio set in farmland and her chickens strutting outside the house she and her husband built not far from where she grew up.

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