Indelible ink: 152,000 bottles of indelible ink to be used in MP polls Indore News

Indore: Around 1.52 lakh bottles of indelible ink may be used to leave a classic mark on the left index finger of the 565 crore voters of Madhya Pradesh who are expected to exercise their franchise in the Lok Sabha elections. It can be used to mark approximately 700 voters. The inventory in Madhya Pradesh is about 2,000 bottles,” state chief electoral officer Anupam Rajan told TOI. He said around 1,42,500 bottles were distributed during the 2023 state assembly elections. business. Purple indelible ink to show confidence in voters. The ink was also used in elections in several other countries. Stage voting. The third and fourth phases of voting in the state are scheduled to take place on May 7 and May 13.

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