E Ink expects sales to increase as demand for color e-readers grows

E Ink Holdings is also witnessing a rise in sales after a downturn in 2022 and 2023, as manufacturers gradually turn to color e-paper displays in e-reader devices as well as electronic shelf labels (ESL). recovery. Kobo is making waves in the e-reader world with the launch of Libra Color and Clara Color, the first color e-readers.

E Ink also stated that North American retailers have begun to turn to ESL to replace the traditional paper labels of the past. Additionally, companies already using ESL are expected to upgrade to the latest generation of ESL this quarter. As a result, E Ink expects demand for ESL to increase next season.

“We think the first quarter was the low point. Our revenue in the second quarter will be better than the first quarter.

In addition to e-readers and ESLs, E Ink also expects demand for large-size color e-paper displays to grow significantly. Targeted at retail spaces, these displays can be used for advertising purposes or as signage solutions that can be used to convey relevant messages to the public in an instant. These can be things like bus or train travel timetables.

Compared to paper or LED/LCD displays, color e-paper displays show good promise in such scenarios. A common disadvantage of paper displays is that they are easily damaged and need to be replaced every time the information they display changes. This adds cost and is also labor intensive. Traditional displays, on the other hand, require a lot of energy to operate.

E-paper displays consume the least energy. In fact, with solar displays, zero power is drawn from the grid. Additionally, they offer excellent readability even in direct sunlight. Another huge advantage of e-paper signage is that it can be managed through a central, cloud-based platform. This way, you can make changes as often as needed without worrying about cost.

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