Booksellers – Rights – First Ink Buy two YA books from Mikayla Bridge for six figures

First Ink, Macmillan Children’s Books’ new growing imprint, has acquired two “exciting” books by debut author Mikayla Bridge, in association with Macmillan Publishers USA and Pan Macmillan Publishers Australia “The Human Heart” is an independent young adult novel.

fire and fury It will be published globally in July 2025, with the second book (a standalone work set in the same world) to be published in 2026.

MCB editorial director Cate Augustin purchased world rights to both books from John Baker of Bell Lomax Moreton, along with Mike Asia Harden, assistant editor, and Claire Craig, deputy editor, Farrar, Straus & Giroux Books for Young Readers, the American division of Mirren.

fire and fury is described as fourth wing Rebecca Yarros (Piatkus)’s Fast & Furious meets Fast & Furious in an immersive, fast-paced teen fantasy featuring a deadly phoenix, thrills action and smoldering romance of enemies and lovers.

“I’m so happy to have found the perfect home for him,” Bridges said. fire and fury. Working with Cate, Asia, Claire and the rest of the Macmillan team to launch my book globally is a dream come true. This story is very special to me. What started out as a fun idea has evolved into this loud, hopeful, romantic part of me. I can’t wait to share it with the world next year.

Augustine said: “fire and fury It has it all: a fantastic, hooky concept, an immersive, fast-paced plot and a tense, captivating romance. It’s exactly the kind of action-packed fantasy story our crossover readers are looking for, and it’s a perfect fit for our new First Ink list.

The book tells the story of Kyle, a phoenix tamer who is on the verge of losing her home and her phoenix Savitar. Desperate for money, her only hope is the highly profitable and deadly sport of Phoenix racing. When a hot-shot investor offers her support, Kyle is forced to work with Coop, her cocky, arrogant, and annoyingly handsome rival who is her longtime rival. But when Kyle and Coop realize that there is more to their new boss than meets the eye, they find themselves falling for each other and fighting to keep Savitar and her magic from falling prey to those who would use her for their own gain. in hand.

Publisher Sam Smith said: “We are extremely excited about the strength and growth of the YA publishing sector in recent years. Mikayla is an exciting new voice with a fascinating concept that is sure to bring this market to Greater heights. We are delighted to launch her with the unparalleled capabilities and passion of the Macmillan USA and Pan Macmillan Australia and fury The book will become the flagship title of Macmillan Children’s Books’ new audience-first, young-adult brand First Ink in 2025 and will be supported by a major commercial campaign.

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