Usha is hesitant to vote as indelible ink has not faded even after 9 years

Shoranur: With polls around the corner, 62-year-old Usha, a resident of Guruvayoorappan Nagar, is worried about being denied the right to vote for the third time. The reason for this predicament is that the indelible ink of the 2016 parliamentary elections is still visible on her fingers. Because of this, Usha is hesitant to vote again.

The ink applied during the 2016 Kulapulli AUP school polls has not faded even after 9 years. When she attempted to vote in subsequent local elections, election officials objected to her participation. Despite her explanation, they remained unconvinced. Later, with the support of a party agent, she was allowed to vote.

Despite her efforts to remove the ink stains using soap and solvent, the stains remained. Therefore, she did not vote in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and the 2021 Lok Sabha elections due to concerns about possible disputes at polling stations.

On Wednesday, Usha disclosed her ordeal to DCC general secretary TY Shihabuddin, who visited her during the election campaign. After reporting the matter to the department responsible for elections, they promised to investigate the matter.

Officials say there have been no incidents of election ink lasting long periods of time. Dermatologists confirmed this claim. Still, doctors say some people may have lasting dark marks under their nails. They said a detailed medical examination should be carried out to determine the cause.

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