Qijing Optoelectronics and E Ink Technology cooperate to create innovative smart retail solutions

According to Digital Display reports, Himax Technology and E Ink Holdings have joined forces to launch a breakthrough smart retail solution at Touch Taiwan 2024. This collaboration combines Himax’s WiseEye ultra-low-power artificial intelligence sensing technology with E Ink’s e-paper displays, targeting the retail signage and display market.

The technology combines Himax’s WiseEye, an energy-efficient AI sensing platform, with E Ink’s e-paper displays to provide a unique solution for retail environments. WiseEye is designed to operate at ultra-low power consumption levels, making it ideal for battery-powered AIoT devices.

The WiseEye platform supports various basic functions such as motion sensing, human presence detection, people counting, face detection and speech recognition. These capabilities are critical for predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, asset tracking and occupancy detection, emphasizing power efficiency, bandwidth optimization and privacy.

The first-generation WiseEye module is composed of the WE1 AI processor and the HM01B0 always-on sensor (AoS) camera, with a compact design measuring only 12.5 mm x 17.0 mm x 2.45 mm. It features a 22-pin FPC connector ensuring easy connection to the device board for fast system integration.

This innovative technology is revolutionizing the retail landscape by automatically adjusting display content based on customer proximity and behavior, enabling personalized marketing strategies. Additionally, it helps improve inventory management and provides valuable insights into customer traffic patterns and preferences.

The cooperation between Himax Technology and Yuantai Technology marks an important step in enhancing the retail experience through cutting-edge technology. Retailers can now harness the power of artificial intelligence and e-paper displays to create engaging, personalized shopping environments for customers.

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