Paige Nienaber’s Midweek Thought Dump: Random Acts of Apathy

(Peggy Nienaber) You may overthink rewards. I saw the wolf in Greensboro frame “win $300 a day” as “win school lunches for a year,” and then smash his phone. One station on TSM had an $18 haircut giveaway and made a “last comment on Facebook.” They received approximately 11,000 comments.

So, my first 4th of July on this job was at a station in Jacksonville. We took a van out to explore the beach. The station has a partnership with PepsiCo and they dropped off a pallet of product in the station garage. So we loaded up the cooler, went to the gas station, bought a few bags of ice, and headed out.

We would stop along the boardwalk, open the doors, and hand things out. We are under siege. It looks like the U.S. Embassy during the fall of Saigon.

Yes, you can overthink rewards. What do people want in 1000 degree weather in Florida? They want a cold drink.

When Jeanne Ashley was working at the Star in Kansas City, she went to Costco, bought some generic brand Sqweeze Pops and froze them in the station refrigerator. After get off work, she took the station vehicle out to take them to road construction and other outdoor work sites, where people sweltered in the sweltering summer heat. This was done by 95.7 Jamz in Birmingham as “The Road Crew” and it was a home run.

Great stations have loyalty, but it’s hard to earn. But people will certainly remember random acts of indifference like this. Now start spamming.

The Best Morning Shows of 2024 Positioning Statement (So Far)

When I was a kid, McDonald’s was entering the big tent, boasting “over a million servings,” and there was a little mom-pop ice cream/burger shop I could ride my bike to. A sign on their marquee read: “Serves Over 300 People.” Decades later, someone posted a photo on our community’s Facebook page. This is the art of promotion: making people remember you.

95 WIIL in Kenosha presents the “95 WIIL Rockin’ Morning Show – 10 Audiences.”

pinata award

I mentioned that a bundled prize contest was about to begin, with cash and tickets provided by Sauza Agave Cocktails. Ryan Smeltzer shares his 2020 piñata contest with Alpha.


Dumb/Crime News goes a lot of different ways. “Florida or not?” or “What Florida?!” Here are a few examples. Shredd and Ragan of 97 Rock in Buffalo call it “OTF” or “Ohio, Texas or Florida.”

From Joe Russell: “These guys collect stories, even audio stories, throughout the week and invite listeners to call in and guess the state of Ohio, Texas or Florida. They read or play audio and the listener has to guess whether it’s Ohio, Texas or Florida. We have 4 prizes and we will play until we run out of prizes or until we run out of stories. Sometimes we draw 4 winners, sometimes we don’t. But these stories are priceless. It requires a lot of prizes, so sometimes the prizes are average. We only do it once a week, but whenever we have a story from one of the states, we use the OTF Sounder, so it’s branded throughout the show even if we’re not playing it.

Luxury car

They are things that we have moved away from. Sadly. Because for the average and above average audience, they will never get in a limo unless it’s a wedding day.

Is SFO wild? Each concert ticket giveaway includes a grand prize of a limousine to and from the show. It’s a great hook, and even in the Bay Area, people are crazy about luxury cars.

This is an industry that has been hit hard over the past few years and needs help. One of the stations is planning a summer concert series and has provided limousine service. The guy said it was just to get him through the prom and then they would do it for a deal.


“Get to know the show” is great: find out which member of the morning show did what or what life experiences they had. But no one ever added a “truth or consequences” angle where listeners could grill the show and the team would try to bullshit them into believing it was them.

IE: One of Crisco, Dez, or Ryan had a kleptomaniac roommate in college. Three audience members took turns asking them relevant questions. Then they choose that person.

They win something for picking the right person, the person with the thief’s roommate, and if their story sells well, members of the show get bragging rights. Like “Are you smarter than Staci?” – “So far this week, Staci is 3 and 1.”

things for sale

One of the stations has a client and you can go in, cook and prepare meals using their ingredients, then take them home and put them in the refrigerator. What if you left it to the morning show to get ready? Providing meals to listeners going home after surgery and to family members who still need to eat?

truth or pairing

A great competition could be a reality TV show. Look what’s on TV. They did all the research for us. The “War of the Roses” is fraud.The runaway bride is Amazing competition. Survive and drive it?anyone survivor Derivatives.

So when crucial moment On a grand scale, one CBS station had callers try to beat a voice stress analyzer and win $100 for each correct answer they gave. Moms who flew to Albany to get polygraphed on Mother’s Day.

Steve Dolhagary of Calgary AMP once arranged for polygraphs and technicians to do this for concert tickets and a “truth or match” style meet and greet. Do. this.

May 2K

They’ll be ringing in the new month on the radio next Wednesday with hits from the 2000s.

man of the hour

We’ve been pretty bad at promoting our winners, with a few exceptions like KS95 in the Twin Cities and K-Earth in Los Angeles. K-Earth squeezes as much promotion as possible out of each winner.

If you have a high school student who wins some kind of contest, such as a backstage pass, always make sure you send their school newspaper a photo of them with the artist. The same goes for remote areas of the market. If someone in Cannon Falls wins a ticket to meet with NKOTB, please send a press release to the local newspaper.

So what if, in all your competitions, you gave the winner a second chance in the drawing? Share your winnings on social media with the hashtag and enter monthly prize draws. If they were active enough in trying to win Cardi B tickets, they would surely brag about winning another award.

Paige Nienaber insulted/consulted over 100 radio stations on Fun ‘N Games (Marketing and Promotions).find him in CPR Promotion.Read Page’s Radio Ink Archives here.

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