IBIA and BIMCO sign maritime strategic partnership

The International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA) and the Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate Urgent issues and opportunities in fuel, marine energy and maritime.

Both parties commit to leveraging their unique expertise and resources to create new solutions and activities to aid the transition to cleaner fuels and more efficient and sustainable shipping operations.

The MoU aims to address the following important areas:

  • research and development: Collaborate on research initiatives, studies and projects related to the fuel/marine energy business and maritime sector.
  • Information sharing: Share relevant information, publications and statistics that may be useful to members of both organizations.
  • training and education: Investigate the potential of collaborative training programmes, seminars and educational initiatives to help maritime and marine energy professionals improve their knowledge and capabilities.
  • Influence: Work together to solve common problems and challenges faced by the industry.

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Commenting on the MoU, Alexander Prokopakis, Executive Director of IBIA, said: “The collaboration between IBIA and BIMCO marks an important step towards solving the urgent challenge of decarbonizing the shipping industry.

“This collaboration highlights the industry’s collective commitment to moving shipping towards a green future.”

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David Loosley, Secretary General and Chief Executive of BIMCO, said: “Influencing and supporting shipping as we work towards meeting the checkpoints and targets of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) updated Greenhouse Gas Strategy Cooperation among all sectors for decarbonization will be key.

“As we do this, our ships will rely on many different fuel solutions and working to ensure the safety and availability of these solutions is critical.”

In March, the Baltic International Chamber of Shipping (BIMCO) market report revealed the extent of the damage to world trade caused by recent unrest in the Red Sea coupled with increased piracy off the coast of Somalia.

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