Confluence Networks signs $20M submarine fiber deal with Laser Light Ink

Confluence Networks is a developer and supplier of undersea fiber optic network connectivity, and Laser Light Communications is a A developer and supplier of software-controlled optical network services, is proud to announce the execution of a 25-year agreement worth more than $20 million to leverage planned laser lights. Confluence-1 submarine fiber optic network serves as a key element of its global network.

Under the terms of the agreement, Confluence Networks will provide Laser Light with exclusive rights to certain dark fiber assets on Confluence-1, which will connect major The network center is located on the east coast of the United States.

Confluence-1 provides a strong alternative to existing surface lines along the so-called I-95 corridor while also facilitating seamless interconnection with international cable systems Connect from South America and Europe.As such, the network serves as both a critical connector for the global undersea network and a robust, low-latency route to the United States Domestic network.The end-to-end network will span approximately 1,935 kilometers (1,200 miles), directly from Wall, New Jersey, to Boca Raton, Florida, with branch connections to three intermediate landing sites: Virginia Beach, Virginia; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; and Jacksonville, Florida.

The Confluence-1 system’s ability to move user data quickly, securely and consistently across landing sites enables Laser Light to achieve unparalleled reliability across its global services.

The Confluence‐1 network will consist of 24 fiber pairs, with a total distributable capacity of over 1800 Tbps over 60 direct point‐to‐point connections.The system is expected to run for Laser Light plans to fully deploy its terrestrial and undersea networks globally in 2026, preparing for the delivery and convergence of its optical satellite constellation in the first quarter of 2027.

Komac Energy Saving Company
Komac Energy Saving Company

Confluence Networks CEO Paul Scott

“We are excited to partner with the innovators at Laser Light. We each offer unique alternatives to existing networks that will enhance user choice in our respective markets; we look forward to building a strong, mutually beneficial working relationship.”

Laser Light CEO Bob Brumley

Confluence‐1 offers a unique East Coast transmission alternative that is ideal for lasers. Our ability to switch light layers between cable landing sites on the Confluence system will allow us to quickly respond to atmospheric conditions along the East Coast that may affect light transmission from our satellites. The cooperation between the two companies also brings the North American coastline closer together – reducing domestic and national latency; lower global latency.

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