Bangkok Post – Taiwanese artists share their vision of ink painting

For those who appreciate Eastern art, don’t miss the fusion of Eastern philosophy and contemporary art in “Strokes,” an interesting art exhibition featuring the collaboration of two talented female artists from Taipei, Li Guanlian and Wang Guanya work. On view at ARDEL Third Place Gallery in Thonglor until May 23, the exhibition is a unique exploration of ink painting and installation that explores profound themes.

While studying at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Li created many works that blended Eastern and Western forms.Her latest contribution is titled symbiosis is a series of beautiful ink paintings presented as an installation with a carpet covering the floor. Drawing inspiration from the philosophy of the ancient Chinese thinker Laozi, Laozi proposed the concept of “Tao”. symbiosis It embodies the unity of opposites and reflects the principles of Laozi Tao Te Ching This immersive artwork occupies the space from eye level to ground level, encouraging viewers to see through their own eyes while harnessing the ever-changing dynamics of nature to achieve perpetual existence.

At the same time, Mr. Wang’s contribution, Redouog shopping cart, A contemporary reinterpretation of calligraphy presented with exquisite brushwork. She calls herself “an ink painter who likes to paint dogs and cats.” However, Wang’s meticulous and precise depiction allows the audience to appreciate the beauty of simplicity and poetry. The space surrounding an artwork is part of its essence and prompts reflection on the subjective nature of perception and meaning.

This special exhibition will provide a rich journey where tradition and innovation meet, and invites viewers to explore profound philosophical concepts through the lens of contemporary art. The two artists themselves invite you to delve deeper into realms of cultural wisdom and aesthetic expression.

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