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(Bath Knight) I’m seeing a fascinating trend among musicians and I was honored to be interviewed by takin walk Podcast. I often ask my guests this question: “If you weren’t doing what you’re doing, what career would you be in?”

These musicians, whether they are emerging artists or established Hall of Famers, often respond, “I never had a Plan B.” In many cases, they can’t remember a time when they weren’t fully focused on their dreams enthusiasm.

Strong will, courage, and resilience are necessary qualities for entrepreneurs, artists, and anyone trying to change their plans. Of course, it’s important to note that the “No Plan B” approach leaves zero room for error while generating unparalleled motivation for achievement and success.

I recently recorded the upcoming takin walk plot and rolling stones Brittany Spanos, senior writer and co-host The Rolling Stones’ 500 Best Songs of All Time Rob Sheffield’s Podcast.She describes her youthful obsession that she would be in rolling stones.

This job is what she’s always wanted to do. You can tell how much it means to her to be in this position.

I think no matter what industry you’re in, or what position you currently hold, think about how much enthusiasm and energy you would have if you bought into this idea. Think about the difference you can make in your organization. Imagine the sense of pride and enjoyment that will fill you and pass on to those around you.

I’ll tell you one last story about the No Plan B approach, thanks Everybody loves Raymond Founder Phil Rosenthal.

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to pursue television as my career. Growing up, I was always watching television while other kids in the neighborhood were playing outside. My parents knew I wanted to be in television, But they were confused about my role. They didn’t think there was a job where they could get paid to watch television, and they thought I thought the same thing.

“When I got my first writing job in television, I sent them a new TV with a card that said ‘Haha.'”

Thanks to my friend Jeff Zito, he has a podcast called Celebrity Steve Jobsinspired this column and this question.

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