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#drawing #ink #landscapes #Max Naylor #nature #painting

April 23, 2024

Kate Moses

An oil painting depicting trees and a rocky coastline with waves crashing on the shore

“Storm Surge” (2023), ink on paper, 51 x 66 cm.All images © Max Naylor, shared with permission

Through ancient wooded canyons and along rugged coasts, Max Neller invites us to wander along shady passages, huddle between lichen-covered boulders and breathe in the fragrance of wildflowers. His detailed landscapes (previously) created in ink and oil capture dreamlike scenes of petals, branches, waves and an array of plants that gracefully teeter on the edge of reality.

The time of day is often indeterminate in Naylor’s paintings, where the blue may suggest night or simply the shadows cast by tree cover. Sometimes these scenes draw us into the misty distance or the horizon of distant hills. The artist uses atmospheric light and repetition of tree trunks or flowers to form near-pure patterns that play with our perception of presence and depth by drawing attention to all details simultaneously.

If you’re in Bristol, head to Spike Island Open Studios from 3rd to 5th May to see Naylor’s work alongside over 70 other artists. See more on the artist’s website and Instagram .

An oil painting of a forest with a field of wildflowers and fungi on the trees in the foreground

Glade (2024), ink on paper, 51 x 66 cm

An oil painting of a large erratic boulder covered in lichen and moss with flowers flowing underneath

“Unstable Boulder (After the Flood)” (2024), oil on linen, 160 x 180 cm

A yellow wooded oil painting with many boulders covered in lichen spots

“Morning Glow” (2024), ink on paper, 51 x 66 cm

An oil painting in a blue palette depicting a pattern of trees and snowdrops on a forest floor

“Blue Landscape with Snowdrops” (2024), ink on paper, 51 x 66 cm

An oil painting of a large erratic boulder in a meadow covered with lichen and moss

“Baby Bird” (2024), oil on linen, 75 x 95 cm

An ab abstract landscape oil painting with lots of leaves

“Wildlife” (2024), ink on paper, 51 x 66 cm

An oil painting of a rocky landscape with boulders covered with lichen and moss and a small waterfall hidden in the bushes

Under the Gunnera (2023), ink on paper, 51 x 66 cm

An oil painting of a coastline with trees and cloudy sky

“Ragged Shore and Cabbage” (2023), ink on paper, 51 x 66 cm

#drawing #ink #landscapes #Max Naylor #nature #painting

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