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epaper showcases e ink auo partnership

E-paper technology company E Ink has just announced a strategic partnership with AU Optronics, the world’s leading provider of displays and smart application solutions, to jointly develop large-size color e-paper displays. E Ink will provide full-color e-paper modules, while AUO will provide software and hardware integration technology and TFT backplane components.

AUO’s Smart Retail Business Group cultivates global demand through its subsidiaries and uses technologies such as digital signage and electronic shelf signs to promote the digital transformation of the retail industry. E Ink said that while implementing digital tools in retail environments is a priority, retailers often rely on printed posters for in-store advertising, which lacks dynamic content management for use cases such as promotions or discounts. E Ink’s Spectra 6-color e-paper offers an alternative to paper posters. With its vivid, highly saturated colors and ultra-low power consumption, the display quality is comparable to traditional printed posters. Combined with AUO’s software and hardware platforms, retailers can manage all consumer-facing points of purchase, including LCD, LED, electronic shelf labels and large-size color e-paper displays, on a single cloud platform.

AU Optronics is “committed to providing sustainable transformation solutions.” At this year’s Touch Taiwan exhibition, AU Optronics will launch a cloud platform solution that integrates digital signage and electronic shelf labels. Its integrated CMS serves more than 30,000 client nodes worldwide. Looking to the future, AUO plans to launch more large-size, ultra-low power consumption, and energy-saving display solutions using e-paper technology, aiming to expand the partner ecosystem in the field of smart applications and jointly build a sustainable future.

E Ink said it has studied the impact of using paper versus e-paper displays on CO2 and found that using E Ink e-paper displays can result in significant CO2 savings. Over the past seven years, 600 million three-inch electronic shelf labels (ESLs) have been installed worldwide. If it is assumed that prices and information change four times a day, e-paper labels can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 32,000 times compared to disposable paper price labels. The findings compared the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by producing the electricity needed to run 600 million ESLs for seven years to the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by producing 600 million paper price tags of the same size, replaced four times a day for seven years.

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