In the exhibition, Furmand introduced more than 60 ink paintings created in the past ten years.Gao Erqiang/China Daily

Benoit Vermander, a French professor at the School of Philosophy at Fudan University in Shanghai, has found a liberating way of self-expression in Chinese ink painting. Furmande (Chinese name Wei Mingde), under the artist name Bendu, exhibits more than 60 Chinese ink paintings, most of which he created in the past decade.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France. The exhibition is part of Fudan University’s celebrations and will be held on the Fudan University campus on Thursday.

Through the exhibition of art works with themes of animals, landscapes, people, etc., visitors can understand the artist’s close relationship with nature and daily life, and see the fusion of Western composition and Chinese ink painting techniques.

The story of Furmande and Chinese ink painting goes back thirty years.

Born in France in 1960, he has loved painting since childhood. However, the loss of vision and hearing made it difficult to improve his painting skills, and his brushwork was often criticized as not “clean”.

The turning point came in 1987, when Furmand visited China for the first time and was fascinated by Chinese calligraphy.

“When I first came to China, people showed me calligraphy works. I was really surprised, both by the meaning and the dynamics of the inscriptions,” he recalls.

“I was deeply impressed by calligraphy as an art in which I finally found my own way of expression. I also realized that I could create more freely than in Western classical painting, because even the ‘unclean’ parts of my work ‘The part can also be done. So, I decided to learn classical Chinese and calligraphy.

After three or four years of study, Furmand developed stable calligraphy, a key skill in calligraphy and ink painting. Since 1994, he turned his attention to Chinese ink painting.

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