Michelle Pfeiffer’s ‘Very Close to Ink’ Yellowstone sequel cast differs from actor: report

Michelle Pfeiffer, Kevin or Matthew - Who Will Star in the 'Yellowstone' Sequel
Michelle Pfeiffer, Kevin or Matthew – Who Will Star in the ‘Yellowstone’ Sequel

Michelle Pfeiffer is set to take over the lead role in yet-to-be-titled new film yellowstone park Spin-off shows.

Source leaked to national enquirer“Michelle is ready for great things, and our mood is that the franchise will take a different route, embracing girl power and evolving with the times.”

“Matthew McConaughey’s delay is really going to cost him, and he still hasn’t signed the deal,” a source told the outlet.

However, sources say Paramount is “still stalling on its request for $2.5 million per episode.”

Kevin Costner, on the other hand, has had a scheduling conflict with creator Taylor Sheridan, but an insider revealed, “He’s now willing to let bygones be bygones and appear in some capacity in the second half of the year.” yellowstone parkThe fifth and final season to properly bring his character to a close.

“Kevin’s return has not been confirmed yet. yellowstone park Either that – and because of his hard-line tactics, he’ll only get a cameo at most, so the cost of Michelle taking over is clear! ” shared an insider.

An insider said, “Michelle is really excited and ready to go” to potentially seize control of the spinoff.

A source revealed: “Sources say she is very close to a deal and she really wants to do it, unlike her more indecisive male counterparts.”

A source commented: “Having her on board will be a refreshing welcome!”

“It will be Michelle’s gain and Kevin and Matthew’s loss. It’s an interesting role that she hasn’t been able to play in years!” added an insider.

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