Letter: Jon Kiper is the governor New Hampshire needs


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Jon Kiper is the epitome of the average blue-collar worker. He deeply understands the complexities of our communities and the importance of effective zoning laws. His approachable leadership style—away from typical political maneuvering—coupled with his passion for community improvement set Jon apart from other gubernatorial candidates. Jon has a genuine interest in the welfare of New Hampshire and I believe he is the ideal candidate.

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Jon and some other local leaders at his own restaurant in Newmarket. Over burgers and fries, we had a refreshingly honest discussion about the future of New Hampshire, specifically the housing crisis, and worked together on practical solutions to improve our state. It’s community gatherings like this that can restore faith in New Hampshire politics.

Jon’s commitment to understanding and meeting the needs of our community, coupled with his hands-on leadership, lead me to believe he is the governor New Hampshire needs. I respect all Democrats running for governor, but this is not just a political issue. To me, it’s about bringing real, positive change to our communities and incorporating 21st century problem-solving strategies. I wholeheartedly support Jon Kiper as Governor and have every confidence in his ability to lead New Hampshire into a brighter, more productive future.

Kenny Pokoni

Delhi, New Hampshire

Kenny Pokoni

Cairnie Pokorney is a member of the Derry School Board. He serves on numerous committees including the 21st Century Learning Committee, the Policy Committee, and the Special Education Committee. Cainney has served as a community organizer for Progressive Change and has conducted more than a dozen campaigns across New Hampshire. Additionally, Cairnie has served on the New Hampshire Young Democrats Executive Committee and was selected as a 2022 Fellow by the New Leadership Council.

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