Zippedi and SMU sign agreement to deploy robots in Unimarc supermarkets •

  • Zippedi launches AI-powered autonomous robots to enhance logistics and price verification in retail environments.
  • The robots will initially be deployed in six Unimarc supermarkets in Chile, from Antofagasta to Coyhaique.
  • Founder and CEO Luis Vera discusses the strategic use of robotics in compact supermarket spaces and its potential market impact.

Chilean startup Zippedi has partnered with supermarket chain SMU to introduce its robotics technology into Unimarc stores to enhance the shopping experience through artificial intelligence-driven logistics support. CEO Luis Vera said the initiative, which will launch in 2024, represents an important step in Zipdi’s broader strategy to expand the use of its technology from home improvement stores to supermarkets. The rollout will cover stores from Antofagasta to Coyhaique, targeting efficient product replenishment and accurate pricing.

The robots are designed to navigate the smaller footprints typical of supermarkets, so a specialized platform needed to be developed. The platform facilitates interaction with suppliers, enabling data exchange and task generation to optimize store operations. Vera highlighted the initial phase of the partnership, which is focused on rolling out in six stores, as a potential precursor to wider adoption in the supermarket industry.

Following successful expansion in the United States, Colombia, Germany and Australia, Zippedi’s entry into the Japanese market in 2023 further illustrates Zippedi’s global reach. The recent agreement with Japan’s leading home improvement chain signifies Zippedi’s growing international presence and innovative export capabilities. Vera also shared insights into potential joint ventures in Japan aimed at local robot manufacturing, reflecting the country’s economic strength and demographic trends favoring automation.

For more detailed insights, visit Renato Olmos’ original article on the Diario Financiero website here.

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