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Nine restoration plans, titled Back from Ink: Recovered Animated Short Filmwill premiere at the 2024 TCM Classic Film Festival Saturday, April 20, 6:30 pm, introduced by MacFarlane himself. Seven short films directed by Dave Fleischer will be screened: Koko’s tattoo (1928), Little nobody (1935), little stranger (1936), Greedy Humpty Dumpty (1936), Peeping Penguin (1937), The mystery of fresh vegetables (1939), and The same goes for cars (1939).Also starting at the same time are three Bears1939’s Terrytoon directed by Mannie Davis, and Two guns rustya 1944 George Pal puppet.

From the deadline:

The films were selected and restored by the UCLA Film and Television Archive and the Film Foundation in partnership with the Paramount Pictures Archives. The 12 MacFarlane-funded restorations were completed using unique original pre-print elements and/or printed materials (primarily nitrate) and are housed in the UCLA Film and Television Archive.

SlashFilm Learn more about the background of Martin Scorsese and Seth MacFarlane’s film preservation efforts.

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