New E Ink Spectra 6 Plus offers faster refresh speeds and higher resolution

E Ink Yuantai Technology announced the launch of new Spectra 6 Plus display technology. The new Spectra 6 is built on the Spectra e-paper display launched in 2023, with significantly shorter page refresh times and significantly reduced flickering. As E Ink notes, the new Spectra 6 takes just 7 seconds to fully refresh, which is a huge improvement over the 25 seconds it takes for current Spectra monitors.

E Ink said that the key breakthrough in this technology was achieved through the use of Oxide TFT. This greatly improves screen refresh rates and frame rates while reducing page flip times. In addition, E Ink also stated that it has invested in the development of a new Waveform architecture to ensure smoother display effects.

That’s not all, as the display resolution has also increased from 200 PPI on the Sectra 6 to 300 PPI on the Spectra 6 Plus display. All of this makes the display more vivid and sharp, with enhanced contrast and brightness. Display technology is mainly used for advertising purposes as well as signage, paper signs, POP displays, etc. The new Spectra 6 Plus should make everything more dynamic and eye-catching, to say the least.


E Ink Technology announced that its latest Spectra 6 Plus display technology won the 2024 Golden Panel Award for Outstanding Product in Panel Module Group.

The company also launched smart e-paper notebooks specifically for the medical industry. It also won this year’s Smart Display Application Award 2024 Smart Medical Award.

This electronic notepad device is equipped with a 13.3-inch electronic paper display. Its substrate is very thin, flexible and durable. Electronic notes can be easily sterilized using alcohol, which is important as it applies to the medical field, even critical care facilities. The included stylus provides a very paper-like writing feel and can be used to upload patient information and other data to hospital information systems.The electronic notepad is completely developed by E Ink, including hardware and software.

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