The Best Ink Cartridge Printers of 2024

The best cartridge printers are much like standard inkjet printers, but instead of replacing cartridges, you refill the printer’s ink reservoir with bottled ink. Our review team compared top models like Epson EcoTanks and Canon MegaTanks to see which cartridge printer is best for documents, photos, and large print jobs.

Ink tank printers are a popular choice for people who want to extend the life of their ink, make their money go further, and reduce waste. Many models have similar feature sets to the best inkjet printers, such as ADF, automatic duplex printing, so it’s worth looking at these if you need extra printing capabilities. There are some disadvantages. If you mainly print documents, we still recommend exploring the best laser printers. However, while cheaper in the long run, it can be more expensive to purchase. Even the best cartridge printers require regular use or cleaning to prevent clogging.

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