Movable Ink announces new Salesforce integration to support generative and predictive content personalization

Removable ink customers can now Benefit from the integration of Salesforce Marketing, Commerce and Data Cloud – making it easier than ever for brands to generate instant personalization at scale

New York, February 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Movable Ink, the leading artificial intelligence content personalization platform, today announced new integrations with the Salesforce Marketing, Data and Commerce Cloud. These integrations, built specifically for these Salesforce clouds, enable joint Salesforce and Movable Ink customers to automatically generate and predict personalized content, create one-on-one customer experiences and eliminate tedious marketing efforts.

Movable Ink is currently available on the AppExchange here.

Movable Ink Studio allows marketers to easily activate any Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Data Cloud or Commerce Cloud data to generate dynamic, on-the-fly content. With Movable Ink Da Vinci, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration enables marketers to leverage Movable Ink’s advanced AI models to create and distribute highly customized emails to each customer.

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  • “Our partnership with Salesforce sets a new standard for generative and predictive AI-driven personalization. Together, our joint solutions address key opportunity areas for generating personalized content for every customer in real time.” Brian Wade, Chief Product Officer at Movable Ink. “This latest integration uses predictive artificial intelligence to ensure every piece of content not only resonates, but also dynamically adapts to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s consumers.”
  • “This partnership enhances the Salesforce ecosystem by integrating our comprehensive data cloud capabilities with Movable Ink’s advanced personalization tools, including personalized content. It provides a seamless integrated solution that can be delivered at scale Personalize the customer experience. Steve Hammondexecutive vice president and general manager of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

The all-in-one integration enables brands to:

  • Automatically activate Salesforce profiles as personalized content: Customers can now seamlessly access and activate Salesforce Marketing, Commerce or Data Cloud data in real time as they design unique composites (via Studio) and curate creative ideas for each person’s unique customer journey (via Da Vinci).
  • Realize the potential of your Salesforce investment: Combine Salesforce’s powerful customer profile capabilities and email and mobile delivery with Movable Ink’s scalable 1:1 personalization to deliver customized content at every touchpoint – without abandoning and replacing existing technology investments.
  • Eliminate monotonous activities and creative work: Eliminate the manual work associated with maintaining event calendars, building custom content variations, and curating personalized creative for different clients with Movable Ink and Salesforce integration.

The news, announced recently, includes universal data activation capabilities that allow brands to make the most of their marketing stack by leveraging data from any source to dynamically personalize content for every customer at any touchpoint.

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Movable Ink uses automation and artificial intelligence to make every customer engagement personal. The world’s most innovative brands rely on Movable Ink to maximize revenue, streamline workflows and enable the best customer experience.Headquartered in New York City Movable Ink has more than 500 employees providing operational services to a global customer base North America, Central America, Europe, Australiaand Japan.

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