Wrapped Up

As a vinyl wrap design & installation company, Wrapped Up needed to look as good as their work.

Wrapped Up

As a vinyl wrap design & installation company, Wrapped Up needed to look as good as their work.

Building a Strong Foundation

Wrapped Up had a great reputation, creating quality work. However, relying on referral business alone was limiting the growth of the business. With very few leads coming from the website, it was time for an improvement. The main goal for the website was to be known as the East Coast’s premier wrap company, in turn helping the business grow.


With the new site design, we aimed to capture better prospects. Our challenge was to organize the extensive information about Wrapped Up’s services, while creating a visually stunning and simple experience for visitors. We worked together to understand their sales process, identifying common questions and key factors. By using the website to educate prospects before they call, we saved time in the sales process and eliminate unqualified prospects sooner.


The new design is clean and simple, featuring four main wrap categories, helping visitors find what they’re looking for faster. To keep users engaged, we created multiple interactive elements and a specific call to action on each page. The design is uniform to eliminate distractions. Since the new website launched, Wrapped Up has seen a 50% increase in sales due to calls generated from visitors.

Generating New Business

Designed to scale, we moved right into marketing. With the goal of increasing traffic and engagement with digital mediums, we started by launching the blog. Featuring articles such as Car Wrap vs Paint Job: Which is Better?, we’re creating more exposure for Wrapped Up and building more repeat visitors. We kicked off the Win a Free Boat Wrap Contest in February 2016, immediately generating new leads and building an organic list for email marketing. Using email & social media, Wrapped Up will generate more predictable business.


increase in sales since website launch

(due to calls generated from visitors)

I was first introduced to Jeffrey Spink with Inkydia by a friend of mine who thought I might be able to benefit from Inkydia's website development and online marketing strategies to help grow my business. At first I was skeptical as I didn't see the need in marketing or how to market our services to the right demographic. During the consultation with Jeff and Jackie I knew that they were experts that I had been looking for. They asked me questions not only about my business but also about my industry, competition, and preferred target market. That way they got a better idea of how to design my website and to develop a specific marketing strategy. In working with Inkydia I have been very impressed with the level of detail they put into the all of the services they provide while developing my website. Jeff and Jackie both have continued to impress me with their knowledge of marketing and website branding. I have been so impressed with the service and over all experience that I have highly recommended them to several businesses, who are now experiencing the same great service, expertise and results as I have. I look forward to working with them in the future and will proudly recommend Inkydia to anyone that might need their professional website and marketing services and expertise.

– Paul Woessner

Owner, Wrapped Up LLC

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